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Invest in Norway

Investing in Norwegian Companies

The Challenges

  • Identifying and negotiating with investment target companies in Norway one-by-one is time-consuming and therefore expensive
  • Dedicate or hire new employees to manage and develop Norwegian portfolio companies may not be cost-effective before a substantial investment portfolio is in place

The Solution

  • We may assist with the search, development and management of investment portfolio companies in Norway.


Potential M&A Tasks and Services

  • Market analysis
    • Source and present potential investment target companies
  • Prepare background material for investment decisions
  • Manage/assist in negotiation processes with target companies
  • Assist portfolio companies with business development as required
    • Board membership or advisory board positions if needed
    • Recruitment and manager for hire
  • Assist with add-on acquisitions and cluster creation
  • Manage and create M&A processes
    • Attract joint investors to portfolio companies
    • Exit from portfolio companies